Mindset Mastery Masterclass

Would you like to become the leader of your mind, take your life to the next level, and show unique, effective leadership to others?


Who Are You?

Someone who said, "Now it's my time to shine!"


You're done with letting others to lead your life and destiny. And so you're seeking real tactical solutions that will help you understand your mind, help you break free of old programming, fears and limitations, ready to finally take control over your mind.


You don't give up. You faced ups and downs, shadows of your mind, knowing how HELL looks like. But you also know there is more to your life. You know you deserve more. NOW it's time to claim your A GAME. Step by step until the desired outcome.


You've let your empathy and kindness become a flaw instead of a gift. While genuinely caring about others, you developed fears and inner struggles that you're not good enough, and your voice cannot be heard. But you can be the best leader of all. 

Extra note for companies!

This Masterclass is suited for your leadership team to:

🔵 Upgrade your rusty leaders or those with a limiting/outdated mindset.

🔵 Train your future leaders the right way. 

Either way, you'll see the benefits at the end. Request a package discount here.

Cristina Imre

Who Am I?

Yours truly, Mindset Expert - Exploring The Human Mind For Over 20 years - Legacy Builder For Brands & Leaders Of The New Era - Author, Keynote Speaker, High-End Coach & Entrepreneur

"Dr. Cristina Imre built her life on human knowledge until the core, without avoiding any experiences and without blinking when things went down the hill or took a different turn. A pioneer and visionary, Cristina breaks through dysfunctional patterns from business, career and personal life, while emphasizing the importance of personal development at any level.

She’ll guide you through personal transformation preparing you to gain the right mindset and skills to survive and thrive in the new era when many will be washed away.

Words like experience and experiments combined through a non-conventional way became her hallmark."

"When all makes sense, and you understand how things work you become unstoppable."

Cristina Imre

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I have a goal, a life mission, and if you are here it means that you are part of it. My goal is to impact, change and improve millions of lives, and grow an army of amazing true leaders who master the art of the mind and lead others to change this world for the better.


How Can I Help You?

Imagine a life where you are in charge, prepared, and ready to speak the language of the mind. A life with you empowered, breaking free from old patterns and limitations which brought you to repetitive dead ends. Until NOW. A new life where you'll achieve your breakthrough, and be on your way to fulfilling your ultimate potential.

What We'll Do Together

Envision 7 weeks of profound transformation, working on your mindset directly. Each week covers key areas that impact your life, including:


You can't grow yourself if you don't know yourself. And so, at the beginning will focus on you, learning your subconscious programs, the way you process the world, thought patterns, habits, your fears, limitations and everything you need to know to unveil the true you. There's no other way to grow.


Learning is a must-have tool, but not if you don't improve. Once you become self-aware, you're ready to change your mindset and become limitless. You'll receive the right tools to reprogram yourself, overcome your limiting beliefs, fears, and thoughts that create your undesired emotions and actions. 


During the process, you'll become a leader. First, leading yourself; second, inspiring and leading others around you in order to create a better professional & personal life around you. Later on, a better world with your amazing leading contribution. Our world needs true leaders. You should be one of them. 

Life Purpose

Everything we are, everything we do must be evaluated from a life long perspective, and many fail here. Once you reframe your mind to see the impact of your life, and the opportunities you can undertake, everything shifts. Sometimes this can happen very quickly, once you are ready. 

Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Fears

Beneath your issues, like unworthiness, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, addictions, and destructive habits, are your limiting beliefs programmed at an early age. You'll uncover those beliefs and change them so you can live a remarkable life. You'll rewire your thinking, to work for you, not against you.

The Power Of Words & Questions

Your mental capacity profoundly correlates with the abundance of our linguistic library, but also the spoken & thought words. The frequency, form, and meaning of the most used words and phrases empowered by the questions used by the mind determines your destiny. It's time to address the right ones.

Storytelling & The Power of Stories

We are wired through stories. Our brain has a preferential filter when it comes to storytelling. The scientifically proven story structure can transform you from an average communicator into a charismatic and influential one. And because this is crucial for a leader, you'll learn storytelling too, as a bonus.

The Power Of Meditation

We live amazing times. Countless scientific studies prove the effectiveness of meditation and visualization in elevating mindset, emotions, productivity, self-awareness, and empathy - all of which are critical qualities in improving your financial and career performance. The most amazing leaders meditate.

🔵 As you complete each new week, you will experience breakthroughs through the video lessons, audio, PDF downloads and motivating materials. Not to mention your Facebook tribe supporting you each step on the way. 

🔵 As neuroscience proves today without a doubt, you can literally rewire your mind for success by reprogramming, removing old negative behaviors and beliefs while replacing them with new neural connections - focusing your attention on what you want.

🔵 Just like the world’s most successful, influential and fulfilled people, you now can learn how to awaken your potential and reprogram your mind for unlimited success in every area of your life.

"This is to highly recommend Cristina Imre as a trainer, executive coach, and keynote speaker. I have known Cristina these past years and she is a highly capable professional who shares her ideas in a most engaging way."

Robert D. Hisrich Ph.D.

"I love Cristina Imre and her way of working professionally. She is a true Leader and a powerful transformational Coach whom I unabashedly refer to her as "My Guru". She has a Magic Wand in her words and has the unique gift of activating other's gifts. She has an extraordinary skill at getting people to transform and change for the better. I am sure her work will transform millions of lives."

Velory Irungbam

"I can say that after Cristina’s course I remained with a feeling of inspiration, with the conviction that I’ve learned so much about the human mind and behavior, about techniques and strategies which unleash unthought resources, but most of all with a higher level of knowledge about myself and those around me. Not in the least, I keep the joy of knowing quality people and the smile of those funny and original moments that Cristina created during the experience. I thank you again; you will remain an inspirational source for me."

Ruxandra Popa

"Besides all of the achievements, I had during the course with Cristina, maybe the most important is that I succeeded to take a huge step in the direction to achieve the biggest goal of my life: to be free! Thank you for everything Cristina!"

Alex Marinca

"Cristina is very professional and knowledgeable, master in combining experience with knowledge in a way that captures your attention right away. Because of her broad background, she has the gift to take you with her on a quest through your brain that not only reveals much that is still unknown to many but also gives you the tools to master your own brain. Very helpful and insightful and surely an asset to your education and your daily communication."

Aline van de Haar

"Cristina is a dedicated professional with vast knowledge of the intricacies of the mind. She is dynamic, focused and a passionate individual committed to helping people overcome their limitations of the mind to become leaders of the new era. Thank you Cristina for the passion and drive you give to your work."

Mandeep Bachheta


I want you to be satisfied and relaxed with your purchase. If, within 30 days of the date you make payment for the Program, you decide the Masterclass is not for you, you may request a full refund of your money. Be assured that the pre-launch period isn't counted. And so, you face zero risk with this purchase. 

You are seven weeks away from the best version of yourself

You can continue doing what you're doing, living the life you have right now. But you wouldn't have read up to this point if you wanted that. Am I right?


Enroll today and start the journey of becoming the leader of your mindset!




7 weeks of:

Weekly video and audio content

Workbooks and exercises

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Guided meditations and hypnotic sessions for quicker results

Access to a dedicated private Facebook group with your tribe

Unexpected surprises




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