Your “No-BS” High-End Coach For Your Current Problems and Goals

(Business & Life)

You'll get a coach with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, using tactical operational competence, strategic thinking to create dynamic teams with purpose, legacy leaders, renowned for helping turn companies around. Not to mentioned over 20 years of mindset exploration.
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(Very suited for a post-COVID & VUCA environment)

It may be an urging matter you want to overcome and not sure what to do, how to approach it. Or you want a second opinion to trace the right game plan. Or you’ve just gone blank by feeling overwhelmed and you cannot see the tunnel. 
I’ve studied success and worked with accomplished people from most industries around the world (executives, entrepreneurs, public figures...). There are specific techniques for each problem, that can be implemented quickly in case of an emergency and painful issue that needs to be solved yesterday
I’ll be your quick fix in this instance, not excluding the possibility to upgrade to a new extended plan. 




*This is a service for the fully committed ones.

Working with Cristina is like a unique journey of self-discovery and personal development, where problems are solved and goals achieved - without hiding the garbage under the mat.

You need to be willing to improve or change your life. I'm here to help, show, guide, trace your journey - but you must do the work.
This is the best way to produce long-lasting change, and usually involves extensive transformation in both business and life. 
At the core we’ll have personal development adjusted and personalized to the identified needs. I cannot see a separation between personal and professional, in the way that an issue that affects us from one side will impact the other.

"One of the reasons why we fail is that we refuse to get help when we need it. Everyone needs help and support at some point. No title protects from the unexpected or the need for constant growth."

HE Coaching Strategy Call

with Dr. Cristina Imre

Get clear on where you are, who you want to become and how can I help.


HE Coaching Strategy Call

with Cristina Imre

Get clear on where you are, who you want to become and how can I help.